How to distinguish the quality of small screw conveyor

2020-08-24 950

  Small screw conveyor is small in volume and shape, relatively small relative to normal equipment. The equipment has the characteristics of effective conveying capacity, good sealing performance and free conveying mode. Small screw conveyor is widely used in grain, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. Most of the conveying materials are inclined to bulk, powder, particles and so on. Because the equipment has so many advantages and application range, so many industries are using it. Therefore, how to distinguish quality has become a topic. Some manufacturers, in view of their market application prospects, reduce the cost of equipment manufacturing, and adopt some parts and processes that do not meet the requirements. As a result, the equipment can not operate normally. The following article for how to distinguish the quality of small screw conveyor this content, make some introduction.

  In fact, it is relatively simple to distinguish small screw conveyor, only need to pay attention to the following steps.

  1. Appearance

  First look at the appearance of the small screw conveyor, the appearance of the equipment can directly reflect the manufacturing process and quality of the equipment. See whether the appearance of the equipment is clean, and the surface treatment of the machine is smooth and tidy. If the appearance is rough, the treatment process is not in place. If there are these conditions, it can be basically judged that the management and production process of these manufacturers are not good.


  2. Material

  The production materials of small screw conveyor are generally determined by the characteristics of materials transported by customers. Take spiral blade for example, it can be divided into ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel and manganese steel. These three kinds of steel are not good or bad, but also determined according to the characteristics of materials. For example, it is simple to transport some plastic particles, powder, sawdust, etc., so that ordinary carbon steel can be used as the material of blade. If it is used to transport food, medicine, powder food and other food type materials or materials with high hygiene requirements, it is necessary to select standard stainless steel materials. Therefore, when choosing materials, we should pay attention to distinguish the materials of equipment manufacturing. If the said materials are not the same as the actual materials, they will not only affect the quality of conveying materials, but also shorten the life of small screw conveyors.

  3. Technology

  The problem of technology may not be seen in other products, but it can be seen that the quality of small screw conveyor is good or bad. What do you see? It mainly depends on the weld joint of the welding place. If there are some "bumps" at the welding joint, the welding process is not up to standard. Qualified welding after welding, the welding trace of equipment can be seen. This shows that the manufacturer's treatment is not in place, and the technology is not very good.

  4. Effect

  This point still need to test machine to see, small screw conveyor according to the material you want to transport, you can take some to test operation. During the test run, we can hear whether the spiral blade will make abnormal noise when rotating, which can be heard when rotating. If the air turbine rotates, there will be some abnormal noise, indicating that the diameter of the blade and pipe is not properly handled, or the design is a defect. If such equipment is forced to be used, its service life will be greatly reduced. Because the blade will be damaged soon, or the pipe wall will not be damaged, the material blocking will occur when conveying materials, which will seriously lead to overload damage of the drive equipment.

  From the above four points, we can see the general quality problems of the small screw conveyor. Of course, there are some other methods, such as going to the factory to investigate, understand the projects it has operated, cooperative customers, customer evaluation, etc. The quality can be determined.

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