Treatment of common faults of screw conveyor

2020-08-24 1104

  1. The connecting bolt is easy to be twisted and broken

  For the screw conveyor composed of several screws, the connecting bolts at the head section bear the torque of the full load motor, while the torque of the screw section and connecting bolt at the back decreases. Therefore, the connecting bolt at the head joint is easy to be broken.

  Solution: use high strength bolts at the head joint. If necessary, three bolts can be used to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor and prevent the connecting bolts from being cut short.

  2. Suspension bearing is easy to wear

  There are many factors that affect the suspension bearing in production, such as working environment, working conditions, the nature of the material being transported, the structure of the suspension bearing, the manufacturing quality, etc. Especially because the suspension bearing is buried in the material when it works, if the sealing and lubrication are not good, it is easy to make the material particles enter the contact surface between the bearing bush and the journal, so that the wear is accelerated.


  Solution: select wear-resistant bearing bush and ensure manufacturing quality; ensure good sealing and lubrication to prolong the service life of suspension bearing.

  3. The screw is stuck or bent due to improper installation position of suspension bearing

  Solution: the suspension bearing should be installed concentric with the connecting shaft, and the concentricity of each suspension bearing should be ensured, so as to ensure the linearity of each segment spiral; there should be a certain gap between the end face and the end face of the spiral shaft, generally 10-20 mm; the two half tiles of each suspension bearing should be connected firmly and tightly, and appropriate radial clearance should be maintained at the connecting shaft to ensure the flexible rotation of the screw.

  4. Material accumulation at feeding port

  The material accumulation at the feeding port is essentially a blockage phenomenon. For materials with strong arching characteristics, high humidity and large block size, especially in the case of uneven feeding, this kind of material accumulation fault is easy to occur.

  Solution: the materials that do not meet the conveying requirements cannot be fed; the feeding should be uniform; it is not allowed to knock at the feeding port to avoid the deformation of the material trough.

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