Working principle and characteristics of tubular screw conveyor

2020-08-24 1112

  Pipe screw conveyor is the main unit of mechanized transportation in various departments of industry and agriculture. It can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. It has a wide range of applications. The shell of screw conveyor is made of high-quality seamless steel pipe. Each section is connected as a whole through flange, which can be continuously transported in horizontal or large angle. It can be directly connected and fixed with supporting equipment, without foundation, making full use of space, and convenient for moving and dismounting.. It is suitable for various industries, such as building materials, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal, grain and other industries. It is suitable for horizontal or inclined transportation of powdery, granular and small materials, such as coal, ash, slag, cement, grain, etc.

  Working principle of tubular screw conveyor:

  The pipe screw conveyor uses the rotating screw to move the transported materials along the fixed casing for conveying. The head and tail bearings are moved to the outside of the shell. The suspension bearing adopts the sliding bearing and is equipped with dust-proof sealing device. The bearing bush is generally made of powder metallurgy. The felt bearing bush is used for conveying cement. The hanging shaft and screw shaft are connected by sliding block.

  Overview of tubular screw conveyor products:


  Pipe screw conveyor, commonly known as auger, is a kind of conveying equipment widely used in mineral, feed, grain and oil, construction industry. From the perspective of conveying material displacement direction, screw conveyor can be divided into horizontal screw conveyor and vertical screw conveyor. It is mainly used for horizontal transportation and vertical lifting of various powder, granular and small pieces of loose materials.

  Main features of tubular screw conveyor:

  1. Large bearing capacity, safe and reliable.

  2. Strong adaptability, convenient installation and maintenance, long service life.

  3. The whole machine has small volume and high speed, ensuring fast and uniform transportation.

  4. There is a cleaning device at the discharge end, with low noise and strong adaptability, and the position of the inlet and outlet is flexible.

  5. Good sealing, the shell is made of seamless steel pipe, and the ends are connected with each other into a whole body with good rigidity.

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