What problems should be paid attention to when using tubular screw conveyor

2020-08-24 1170

  Tubular screw conveyor is a kind of conveyor. Compared with ordinary conveyor, they have bucket storage box, which can transport materials on specific lines. They can be transported in various ways. It means horizontal transportation; vertical transportation; inclined transportation. For each bucket conveyor, their conveying line is determined, the conveying capacity of the machine itself is very large, and they can also be used in long-distance conveying program. Therefore, in the actual production process, they are widely used. Tubular screw conveyor is divided into two types: mechanical parts with traction parts and machinery without traction parts. For machines with traction parts, they usually consist of six parts: supporting parts, reversing devices, tensioning devices, drivers, load-bearing components, traction components, etc.; they can be used with conveyor belts or steel wires, and bucket type material boxes are also necessary. There are many types of bucket conveyor, such as belt, presser, trolley, escalator, scraper conveyor, etc. Different types of machinery are also used in different applications. In the future, the tubular screw conveyor will have greater development. The direction of their development will be large-scale, and the use of machinery will continue to expand. In the future, they can automatically classify and reduce pollution. There is a good development in reducing energy consumption. The large bucket conveyor should have the advantages of large single machine length, large conveying capacity and large conveying angle. Therefore, in the future, there will be more fields in need of tubular screw conveyor and its working environment. It will continue to expand.


  What problems should be paid attention to when using tubular screw conveyor? When using tubular screw conveyor, we often encounter some sudden faults. This is because we don't focus on operational standards, so we're going to ask some questions. The problem is, in the process of operation, we only need to ignore some important operations to make the equipment abnormal operation. The following small series lists several operations that everyone can easily ignore. First of all, turn on the main power switch and observe whether the power connection of the equipment is abnormal and whether the power indicator is on. 2. Turn off the power switch of all circuits and observe whether the tubular screw conveyor is normal. Third, start each electrical equipment in turn, and start the next electrical equipment after the electrical equipment fault starts according to the process flow. In the operation of the tubular screw conveyor, it is necessary to define according to the planned material conveying capacity and the planned capacity of the tubular screw conveyor. Secondly, attention should be paid to the fact that all kinds of personnel are not allowed to participate in the activity Department of the tubular screw conveyor. Non specialized operators need to make electrical components and control buttons under the guidance of professionals. In the operation of tubular screw conveyor, the back stage of frequency converter cannot be disconnected. If training is required, the capacity of the tubular screw conveyor needs to be terminated. If the operation is not completed, the tubular screw conveyor will be damaged.

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